Why Mathemagix for CBSE Class 11th ?

Mathemagix provides the best CBSE Notes & test series Of Class 11th for students to refer to and score well. The test series are prepared with the current academic year in mind and any changes that may have been made to the syllabus at the beginning are all taken into consideration.

The test series are prepared by some of the best faculties with close to 15 years of experience and after analyzing the last 10 years of papers. This allows them to produce test series that are concise, clear and exactly what students are looking for.

Keeping in mind the mental level of student in 11th class, every efforts has been made to introduce new concepts in a simple and easy language, so that the students can understand the problems easily.

All types of solved examples on different topics are explained along with the step-by-step solutions. 11th class math practice sheets are arranged in such a way that students can learn math while practicing math problems.

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We've helped over 1000+ users sucessfully pass & increase Score by 20% in Maths Subject

Mathemagix for whom ?

Who Score more than


MatheMagix will help you to score 100%. Long hours in crowded coaching classes will not help you. You need to work on selected Highest difficulty level question sets and that will be provided by MatheMagix. After that you will get full marks in maths.

Who Score between


MatheMagix will help you to score more than 90%.Usual notes and study material would not be help you at this stage. Extensive test writing practiced and selected sets of questions and model papers will be really to score more than 90%.

Who Score between


Fat reference books containing complicated and irrelevent questions should not be help you to cross 70% in Maths. But MatheMagix will provide you smplified notes and practiced questions sets for conceptional clearing, that would be help you to score more than 70%.

Who Score less than


Long Hours in Coaching classes and fat reference books may not be really helping. Simpified notes & practice questions for foundational improvement and lots of basics.


Discover What’s Our Client Say About Us

Mathemagix coaching provided me with adequate coaching in my own preffered method, so icould score above 90% in maths. Thank You..Vijay Sir

Ishant Singh
10th DPS 2017 -2018

Vijay Sir's teaching helped me to overcome my fear of maths and my score showed great improvement. Thank you

Jagurti. T
9th ICSE 2017-2018

Coaching at mathemagix suited all my requirements to score a perfect 10 CGPA in my board exam. Thank you

10th CBSE Ryan 2017 - 2018

Questions of higher difficulty level were nicely covered in mathemagix class and i could score 10 CFPA in my board exam

10th CBSE DAV 2017-2018

Small group coaching helped me to have my doubts cleared and improvided my confidence even in difficult chapters. Thank You Vijay Sir

Faaz Khan
CBSE 12th 2018-2019

Consistent practice and test series provided by Vijay Sir... helped me to score 100 on 100 in my final board exam

Kanvi Parekh
CBSE 10th DPS 2017-2018

What MatheMagix providing ?


We provide tailor made and easy to understand study material as per individual student requirements. This is most definitely a better option for the student as compared to expensive reference books.

Notes + Test Series

Our test series program provides adequate combination of daily / weekly / monthly / half yearly test and assignments to ensure regular practice and paper solving expertise.

Notes + Test Series + Coaching

We provide customized coaching for those students who require coaching for any selected chapters. Our coaching model is based on individual student needs. We have designed 1 on 1 coaching model to effectively address the student needs and ensure consistent improvement.

Notes & Test Series & Full Coaching

Full coaching means coaching for complete year. Our coaching model is based on individual student needs, unlike the conventional commercial coaching classes where usually a batch of dozens of students with different levels of understanding are made to sit together. We have designed a 1 on 1 coaching model to effectively address the student needs and ensure consistent improvement.

Select Your Chapters


The full package
All Chapters

Every test, every question